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Arrowhead Center at NMSU announces Strategic Alliance Partnership with SBA

Release Date: 17 Nov 2020
Arrowhead Center at NMSU announces Strategic Alliance Partnership with SBA

New Mexico State University and Arrowhead Center have announced a Strategic Alliance Partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration in order to share resources that will strengthen and expand small development throughout New Mexico.

The Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) will seek to develop and foster mutual understanding and a working relationship between the SBA and Arrowhead Center through their common mission: helping start, maintain and expand small business. Both organizations have separate services and resources which, when delivered in coordination with each other, will provide maximum benefits to the small business communities served.

The SBA will provide speakers to participate in Arrowhead Center workshops and conferences to discuss SBA financing, government contracting and other business topics. Arrowhead Center’s clients and members will be able to attend local SBA-sponsored events and offer SBA-sponsored training at Arrowhead Center’s location.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and there are 157,000 small business in the state. It’s critical that we work together to keep them afloat,” said John Garcia, district director for the SBA New Mexico district office. “Both SBA and Arrowhead Center have been engaged in a very cooperative spirit to enhance our small business development and outreach. Arrowhead Center always been there supporting us and our efforts, particularly now under this pandemic. “

Signed in Washington, D.C., the SAM will be managed through the New Mexico district office and Arrowhead Center. SBA aids, counsels, assists and protects the interests of small business by providing financial, contractual and business development assistance and advocating on their behalf within the government.

Arrowhead Center’s resources and services include experiential entrepreneurship education for K-16+ students, community members throughout the service region, business startup and development assistance, intellectual property guidance and management for the campus community, and a science and technology park. Arrowhead Center also works with a range of partners to advance economic development fueled by regional collaboration.

“Arrowhead Center offers numerous initiatives that help community members start and grow their business, and in the past few months, we have placed as many resources as possible online,” said Kathryn. Hansen, Arrowhead Center director. “We’re also expanding bilingual offerings. Accessibility is a primary goal, and over the past 15 months we’ve worked with over 1,000 small businesses.”

“During this time, we’re reminded of the importance of resiliency, the ability to adapt to difficulties that we encounter and the knowledge to turn those difficulties into opportunities,” said Hansen. “The spirt of entrepreneurship is an ideal strategy for times like these. Our resource partnership with SBA can enable small businesses to not only conceive of new ideas, but realize those ideas as well.”

An official announcement will be aired on the Arrowhead YouTube page at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 20, at

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