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Staff Spotlight: Reyna Diaz, Marketing and Communications

Release Date: 22 Nov 2022
Staff Spotlight: Reyna Diaz, Marketing and Communications

Reyna Diaz is a senior graphic designer in the Marketing and Communications department and will mark her ninth year working at NMSU in January.

Diaz earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design and printmaking from NMSU in 2009. She said her job involves designing a wide range of marketing materials, including viewbooks, social media posts, billboards and motion graphics. She also ensures marketing materials follow NMSU’s brand guidelines, which she helped develop over nine years working in the department.

“I enjoy that my job is like getting to solve a ‘living’ jigsaw puzzle with my team,” she said. “We sit down with a bunch of pieces that the team has collected, and I get to help put the puzzle together. As I start to build the puzzle, often pieces change without warning. When this happens, the team steps back and reassesses the situation. We find different ways to rearrange the puzzle so that new and existing pieces fit together to create a complete picture."

Diaz added that she also enjoys teaching others how to use the NMSU brand effectively.

“If you’re not familiar with the NMSU brand and would be interested in learning more, I invite you to sign up for one of our department's monthly Zoom workshops,” she said.

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